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Pet Sitting Positions

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Mid-day dog walkers

    We are seeking someone that is available EVERY DAY Monday to Friday between the hours of 11-3pm. Regular walks are not scheduled on federal holidays or weekends, but some clients may require services on those dates so you would need to be available some weekends and Holidays.


    You would be walking or visiting dogs from the same family while their parents are at work. Most of our clients work M-F and like the same sitter visiting their pets each day. This is a very part-time supplemental job to start (maybe 2-3 walks per week with more walks as business increases). You must be able to be focused and keep a watchful eye for other dogs and dangers while you walk. Sitter must be willing to travel to the area where walks are needed. Mid-day walks are usually 30 minutes, (20 min walk max and 10 minutes cooling off time inside). 

  • Pet Sitter for Vacation/Business travelers

    We are seeking someone that has open availability Monday-Sunday for morning visits between 7-9am, midday visits between 11am-2pm and Pm visits 6-9pm. Visits are flexible and some days you may have no visits other days you may have 2-8 or 10 visits a day. Must be available for visits on Holidays.


    This position consists of caring for client’s pet’s in their home while they travel for business or pleasure. You would feed, provide fresh water, walk or play with pets. Visits are usually 30 minutes but can be 45-60 minutes in length. Most dog owners require 2-3 visits a day, and cat clients usually 1-2 visits. Visits for cats include scooping litter daily and changing the litter entirely after a week, feeding and loving the kitties, giving fresh water daily. Bringing in the mail and newspaper and cleaning after pets is also part of the job. 

  • Overnight / House Sitters

    We need individuals that are available in the evenings after 6pm till the following morning to stay in a client’s home normally with their pets.


    Normally the sitter will stay at the pet owner’s home between 8-12 hours. Assignment can last from 1 night to 2 weeks. Some dogs will need a mid-day walk and we prefer the same sitter provide this if possible. 
    You are not required to clean the owner’s home but you are required to clean up after yourself. At the completion of the overnight(s), wash and put clean sheets back on the bed or bring your own. Overnight sitters cannot be accompanied by a pet, child or other individual. You must be comfortable with elderly, sick or caring for multiple pets. 

  • Round the Clock Care 


    Same as Overnight position but the stay at the client’s home would be longer. We need someone that is retired or is able to stay at a client’s home 18-24 hours a day with 2 breaks of a maximum of 3 hours if needed. You would have one break in the am and one in the pm to take care of your personal business or run errands and then return to the home. 

To Be Considered for any of our pet sitting positions, you must.....

Please read the following criteria below BEFORE applying!
  • Be passionate about animals and have experience in pet care.
  • Be a reliable, trustworthy, self-motivated, and mature adult able to manage your own schedule and follow through on all assignments.
  • Work independently and be able to follow detailed instructions
  • Be available on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • Have your own email account, daily access to a computer and printer.
  • Be physically capable of walking all size dogs in all types of weather
  • Be able to solve unusual situations that may arise.
  • Have excellent references and solid work history
  • Pass a formal background check
  • Have a positive and friendly attitude.
  • Own a reliable & insured vehicle, and have a valid driver’s license
  • Have excellent customer service skills and English written and spoken communication skills

More information about these jobs:

  • You schedule your own Meet and Greet with the client to see if you are a good fit.
  • You would approve and mark jobs complete in our software system on the day of your visits.
  • Print Client/Pet Profiles to take to Meet and Greet and add any additional notes to their profile. You work out details for obtaining keys to client’s home and any other items necessary.
  • You would be checking emails from the office throughout the day.
  • If you would like time off just let us know in advance.
  • We are busiest around holidays, in the summer and spring break.
  • Because you are an independent contractor you can deduct gas, printer, and paper, stamps and mileage or auto maintenance from your taxes each year.
  • You would be working as an Independent Contractor, no taxes are withheld and no benefits are offered.
  • All positions are for supplemental income so I would not plan on these jobs to pay your mortgage.
  • We cannot give you any guarantee of when you will get an assignment as we do not know when we will get a call from a new client looking for service in your area. So you must be willing to wait, patiently. As your client base grows so does your income.

If you are interested in this position. Please DO NOT call or email the office.

If you do not hear from us right away, please be patient as we are always reviewing submissions and we will call if your application matches the criteria we are seeking.

Thank you!

Approximate Pay
30 min walk/visit = $8.00
45 min visit = $11.00
60 min visit = $14.00
Overnights and Round the Clock = $32 - $60 per night


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For Mid-Day Walker, Pet Sitting, Overnight and Round the Clock Care Positions

Dog Boarding

brxbxp60946Dog Sleepovers in Private Homes

Our Home-DogBoarding Is A Group Of Dog Lovers, Known As Hosts, That Provide Cageless (Cage Free) Dog Boarding In Their Homes. We Carefully Screen Our Hosts To Assure A Safe And Warm Pet Sitting Environment. After We Interview You About Your Dog, We Match His/her size, Personality And Temperament With The Perfect Host. You And Your Dog Then Meet The Host Family To Assure A Perfect Match. We’re Not Just Taking Care Of a Pet, We’re Taking Care Of a Family Member. Your Dog Will Become A Member Of Our Family.

We are the perfect kennel alternative! Several of our clients prefer their pets stay with our staff in our homes where they can socialize with us and our families 24/7. We do not use kennels or cages! Dogs are walked, played with, and romp around with us in our secure back yards daily. They curl up with us on our couches to watch movies at night and are treated as one of the family. And will snuggle into bed with us at the end of the day (as long as you are okay with that routine)

When most people go on vacation, they must impose either on their friends or family for the care of their pet or look to outside help. Traditionally, that outside help has been a standard kennel facility. And since the great majority of pets are thoroughly accustomed to living in a home environment, the discomfort, illness, and stress normally associated with kennel boarding is absent when in-home boarding is used.

Home vs. Kennel?

When it’s a question of comfort and quality care for your pet, is there really a question where your pet would rather be?

And from the customers’ point of view, do they really feel comfortable knowing their beloved pet is being deprived of the love, attention, and caring that is so much a part of their daily routine at home?

Fact is most families would prefer having their pet cared for in a loving…caring…"home environment." And this is what is provided for them when they stay with us in our Host Family Homes. They become a part of our Host families home and are given love and attention 24/7.

Don't Need Pet Sitting?

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