Dog Boarding

brxbxp60946Dog Sleepovers in Private Homes

Our Home-DogBoarding Is A Group Of Dog Lovers, Known As Hosts, That Provide Cageless (Cage Free) Dog Boarding In Their Homes. We Carefully Screen Our Hosts To Assure A Safe And Warm Pet Sitting Environment. After We Interview You About Your Dog, We Match His/her size, Personality And Temperament With The Perfect Host. You And Your Dog Then Meet The Host Family To Assure A Perfect Match. We’re Not Just Taking Care Of a Pet, We’re Taking Care Of a Family Member. Your Dog Will Become A Member Of Our Family.

We are the perfect kennel alternative! Several of our clients prefer their pets stay with our staff in our homes where they can socialize with us and our families 24/7. We do not use kennels or cages! Dogs are walked, played with, and romp around with us in our secure back yards daily. They curl up with us on our couches to watch movies at night and are treated as one of the family. And will snuggle into bed with us at the end of the day (as long as you are okay with that routine)

When most people go on vacation, they must impose either on their friends or family for the care of their pet or look to outside help. Traditionally, that outside help has been a standard kennel facility. And since the great majority of pets are thoroughly accustomed to living in a home environment, the discomfort, illness, and stress normally associated with kennel boarding is absent when in-home boarding is used.

Home vs. Kennel?

When it’s a question of comfort and quality care for your pet, is there really a question where your pet would rather be?

And from the customers’ point of view, do they really feel comfortable knowing their beloved pet is being deprived of the love, attention, and caring that is so much a part of their daily routine at home?

Fact is most families would prefer having their pet cared for in a loving…caring…"home environment." And this is what is provided for them when they stay with us in our Host Family Homes. They become a part of our Host families home and are given love and attention 24/7.